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Media Make-up & Special FX

Photography & Videography



Adult Evening Courses 2019

The focus of this course is to explore the field of cyber security and you

Learn the basics of being safe online
Learn about different types of malware and attacks
Learn how organisations are protecting themselves against attacks
Explore the career options in cyber security

By the end of this course, you will be more aware of the importance of being safe online,

the potential consequences of cyber-attacks, and possible career options in cyber security.

Music Technology

​  This course ensures you are fully equipped to tackle any makeup pursuit and understand the industry inside-out.

Perfect for those who wish to work in Media, Special Effects,

Theatre and Film/TV.

You will learn Colour Theory, Beginners Special Effects Make-up , Conceptual mood boards, Social Marketing and Promotion. 

Music Performance

A tailored media course which allows you to be flexible and creative - exploring the worlds of graphic design, digital photography, games design, journalism, web design, podcasting and blogging.

This course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the creative industry as well as the contacts and employability skills you need to achieve your dream career.

Learn how to create, produce and mix music using professional industry standard facilities in our very own recording 

studio and live music venue. 

Become a music performer and rehearse in our fully equipped rehearsal rooms as well as recording your own music alongside successful recording artists.​

Cyber Security & Networking

​Learn how to create, produce and mix music using professional industry standard facilities in our very own recording studio and 

live music venue. Become a music performer and rehearse in our 

fully equipped rehearsal rooms as well as recording your own 

music alongside successful recording artists.